Boosted 2nd Gen 2 drive wheels

Boosted 2nd Gen 2 drive wheels


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2nd Gen Wheels

High roll speeds and predictable traction won’t let you down

If you've worn out your wheels or just miss that shiny orange color, you can order front and rear wheel replacements here. Replacement wheels do not include bearings, spacers, or hardware. Please purchase a Bearing Service Kit if you need bearings for the wheel replacement process.

Warning: Please watch the instructional service video completely before changing your wheels.


2nd Gen Wheels


  • Compatible with Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, Boosted Stealth
  • Diameter 80mm
  • Contact 56mm
  • Durometer 80a
  • Core high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane




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