Rayne Reaper

Rayne Reaper


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Downhill/Freeride bräda.

Have you always wanted to throw down on a Nemesis but found it a bit to big? Check out the Reaper!

The Reaper has a deep tub concave and a 1" dropped platform. The platform is large enough to feel comfortable no matter what the occasion, but with slightly smaller dimensions for the smaller rider, or for those who like less meet under their feet. Lighter and shorter than it's bigger brother, the new Reaper gives the rider the comforts of the world's best downhill board in a tighter, smaller package making it ready to thrash tighter turns. Slashing your way through allies or effortlessly bombing the steep grade this villain is shaking things up. The variable wheelbase at 30", 30.5'' and 31" allows the rider to customize their set-up. The ride height of the Reaper allows the rider to leverage their turning while still maintaining a low center of gravity.

Rayne Reaper:

Storlek - 95,25 x 24,76 cm.

Hjulbas - 76.2, 77.5 alt. 78.75 cm.

Flex - Hard/Stiff.

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